Resident Home Association




RHA is a private, non-profit agency providing lifelong person-centered, community-based residential services and other supports to people with developmental Disabilities


Our Mission Is Centered On What Matters Most In Life

  • RHA provides a safe, supportive, caring home, offering independence, friendships and engagement.
  • We wrap this with vital services to ensure a high quality of life for every individual.
  • Our DSPs are like extended family and advocates. Sixty percent of our DSP team has been with RHA for more than 10 years.




Resident Home Association (RHA) provides this type of compassion and support by our longtime network of Direct Support Professionals (DSP) who are deeply committed to the residents' needs.


 At RHA, residents find friendship and independence, support and services thanks to our dedicated DSP's. They find a partnership that makes independence not only possible, but desirable and truly rewarding for them and their family.


Please visit our Website at:  to learn more about Resident Home Association or to complete an application today.