Licensed Mental Health Clinician/Team Lead/Supervisor

Job Description

Position: Licensed Mental Health Clinician/Team Lead 

Position Type: Supervisory Role

Program: Assertive Community Treatment Team

Education/Licensure Requirements:

The team leader shall be a licensed mental health professional holding any of the following licenses: licensed psychologist, licensed psychological associate, licensed clinical social worker, licensed professional counselor, licensed marriage and family therapist, licensed psychiatric nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist certified as an advanced practice psychiatric clinical nurse specialist. An associate level licensed professional may serve as the team leader conditional upon being fully licensed within 12 months of being hired.

Experience Requirements:

The team leader shall have three years of clinical experience with severe and persistent mental illness, with a minimum of two years post-graduate school.

Responsibilities of Team Lead:

  • Oversees the administrative operations of the team;
  • Provides clinical oversight of services in conjunction with the Psychiatric Care Provider; as well as clinical supervision;
  • Supervises team members to assure the delivery of best and ethical practices;
  • Provides direct services to ACT service beneficiaries, where a therapeutic relationship is developed between ACT service beneficiaries and the Team Leader. Example roles include: assuming an active role in screening referrals and assessing beneficiaries at intake; acting as a lead clinician, therefore working closely with a select group of service beneficiaries who can benefit from the Team Leader’s clinical expertise; modeling behaviors through service provision for the purpose of clinical supervision; participating in person-centered planning meetings; and working with beneficiary’s natural supports.